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Music Happenings

Music Happenings
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February Music Update

Click here to read about the latest in Music classes. There are lots going on and many songs the students are learning. Ask your child to sing what they've learned in music recently!

Students share their music journals on songs they listened to in class. 

December Music update

Click here to read about what's happened in December and what's coming up!

In the evening on January 24th, the grade 5 string ensemble will have another performance.  They will be playing six pieces along with the other fifth grade string groups across the district at Medford High School.  We look forward to seeing you. 


Winter Concert
Click the below announcement for more information

White background with Missituk Elementary School welcomes you to our K-5 Winter Concert Tuesday Dec. 19, 2023 9:15-10:15AM

Music Classes at the Missituk

We spent October learning music in minor mode to reflect the spooky season.  Two classical works were focused on in classes.  Upper elementary students studied the musical form, instrumentation, and round/canon found in Camille Saint Saens’ “Danse Macabre.”  They also enjoyed moving like skeletons around the room while pretending to play the various instruments in the piece.  

Lower elementary classes took part in a unit about “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.  They learned the story that goes with the piece and acted it out to the music.  Their movements showed the gradual increase in speed in the music, known as accelerando.  They also studied the rhythm of the piece.  Grades 2 and 3 learned to read the rhythm of the Mountain King piece using music notation.  

It is now time to gear up for our December assembly!  Students are beginning to practice singing songs in preparation for their performance.  It will be recorded for families to see

We look forward to having a musical year at the Missituk!  In music classes, both general music and instrumental, students are becoming music performers, creators and appreciators.  Music class also enhances student learning and development.


Musical notes across a blue page with the word "Introduction" in the center

What to expect from Music Class: 

Musical Intelligence:  Students are always practicing music skills. A sensitivity to pitch, tonal and rhythmic patterns, and instrument performance is created. Recognition of songs, performance, creative and improvisational activities enhance musical intelligence. Students sing and discuss lyrics, speak rhymes, and create new words to familiar tunes. 

Logical/ Mathematical Development: Students learn counting songs, music form, keeping beat, reading, writing, performing rhythm, and discerning music speed/ tempo.

Bodily/ Kinesthetic Intelligence: Students are walking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, sliding, and more in class! 

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Development: Music activities provide cooperative learning, partner work, and groups involved in ensembles, singing games, and dances. Music students play instruments, make decisions, reflect on music, understand self-role in ensembles or singing games, perform independently, and respond to activities independently and expressively.

Instrumental Classes Are Commencing
Instrumental classes are beginning for fourth and fifth graders. We are excited about the large number of students enrolled in the instrumental programs this year!  Students who opt to take band class may choose from flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion (bell kit). Grade 4 string students are offered violin study, and grade 5 string players may choose from violin, viola, and cello. These students will perform in evening instrumental concerts with other students across the district later in the school year. 


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