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Missituk Elementary School front entrance
Missituk Elementary Mural

The Missituk Elementary School was named on June 14, 2021. This area of Medford has been inhabited by the Massachusetts and Pawtucket tribes and other Native Americans for thousands of years.  The river has been very important to the history of Medford. Native people used the river for fishing and as a water source. It is a tribute to the native lands that our city occupies. The Missituk watershed played a key role in building Medford industries from boat building, shipping, and as a source of food.

The Missituk Elementary School strives to teach each child to be responsible, respectful and safe.  As a school with high expectations, we commit to teaching the “whole child” and to meeting the needs of individual students and ability levels.

The Missituk also supports social-emotional well being as well as instills a love of learning. The gifted and skilled staff of the MIssituk prides themselves on working diligently with each child.  Children are recognized monthly for deeds or contributions made at their school. We call them works of wonder or “WOW” acknowledgements.