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Missituk Elementary School front entrance

Missituk Elementary School front entrance

Missituk Class Science Activity
Missituk Elementary Conduct and Citizenship
Missituk Elementary School Mural

Missituk Elementary School Mural

A description of the Conduct & Citizenship Award. This award goes to children who have given their best effort each day to be responsible, respectful and safe.

Conduct & Citizenship Winners

photo of C&C winners


Photo of an Edision Robot in orange. It's a square shape orange plastic robot with a clear cover for LEGOs to go on top.  Another robot, a purple Code & Go mouse with arrows on the top to code.

still photo of children in a group singing

Missituk Winter Concert 2022, Thursday December 22

celebration gold balloon-like 3 with rd on it to say 3rd 

image of a red apple with the word 3rd inside. grade is written in green. the image reads "Third Grade"

images of student drawings for new years promises

Medford Family Network event

It's OK to feel your feelings poster

Missituk PTO Arthur's Pastry Shop Valentine's Day Fundraiser flyer. Has pictures of flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and cakes

image with people walking and biking and rolling to school

Rainbow colored "1st Grade"

Quote from Pablo Picasso: "Every Child is an Artist" with rainbow colors and 9 colored stars on top

Image of two children with the words "Celebrating 100 Days of School" in-between them

Three students dressed like older ladies who are 100.

Welcome to Missituk Elementary School


Missituk Elemenary School
37 Hicks Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Main Office Phone Number

(781) 393-2177


Kathy Kay

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Missituk Elementary School News

School Calendar

Missituk Elementary School, Cafeteria